An update and a few new items for sale…..

So, if you haven’t noticed, ive been pretty quite on posting to my blog in the past 4 weeks. Well no surprise really instead of internet issues i have suffered the loss of my computer that just wont stay on for the life of me for longer than 2 minutes. I did get a temp one so i could continue updating my database, but have since dropped listing any new items to this blog for right now. I currently have about 100 new cabs in backlog but my focus is going to change coming up.

This week i accepted a new job in central Arizona at Kolhs Ranch as a baker/cook. This is for several reasons with the main being i want to continue working in the service industry and not fall into the realm of e-commerce again. Hence why i choose this platform as a blog so i can list items for sale, but mainly provide content into what i am doing with my art and life in general.  This job will take me away from this blog until i am resettled but i will continue to update the blog posts as i cut, rockhound/collect, write music, bake, and work for the next couple or more months. Ideally through summer. Kolhs Ranch is in a dead zone for all things internet/cellphone based and i am very excited to get to those cool pines and learn more about working in a kitchen and providing people with great food and service.

This job will also put my band plans on hold, but they will continue to practice and might find a guitar player to replace my playing for the time being. I will be back with the banjo as soon as i can, and i know they will have me no problem. This puts on hold (unless they push it) for our CD, and playing out which now might not happen until the Fall. I will continue to populate my soundcloud account and hope you take a moment to listen into what I am writing.

Lastly, i have listed a few unique items to my etsy store if you have interests. 3 stone knifes, and 4 belt buckles. This is to raise cash for rent, and setting up and running a complete carving station while i am away. I do not think i will be cutting many, if any cabochons for the rest of the year. My plans are to work on carvings, mainly those in fire agate. As well continue to work on stone knifes when i can.  Here is a few links for you to those items:

Don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what you’re up to and/if you have any questions about this blog, me or what i am up to. I will try to post content once a week into the blog so keep watching.  If you order any cabochons off this site, please remember i only ship once a week and will continue to ship cabs as they sell. Thanks for your attention and wish me luck on the new job.

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