Back in school

Well the time has come this spring semester for me to be back in school! Yup, with help from family and friends i have enrolled at a local community college to begin my general education in classes i need to complete before transferring to a larger university college in order to get my Bachelor of Arts and Education! I am 2+ weeks into 4 classes and one lab all being taught online so i am still able to work and do school at my own pace. 1 math class, 1 Geology class, and 2 art classes. I also have to take a lab with the Geology class and though it may thus far prove to be the toughest out of all these classes i am enrolled in. I enjoy it the most!

The reason i am going back to school to receive my B.A.E. is so i can teach art in public schools k-12. Art has always been a big role in my life and though lapidary has been a main focus over the last 12+ years. I have always thrived in art environments and have a rather goo size portfolio in Photography and writing.

I am also still every excited to go to Tucson gem show starting in a few weeks and Debbie and I are planning to look hard for wedding rings!!

So in celebration of school going very well(with 4 A’s and 1 B+) and in excitement for the Tucson gem show. I am running another sale here at Freeform cabs which has no expiration date! You can save 30% off your total order with no minimum purchase amount.  You can also use other coupons with this discount like the facebook member coupon or personal coupons if you have received any. There is no limitation on this discount and if your order totals $200 or more before the discount you will also give the option of free shipping!

Go Shopping and use “GEMSCHOOL” when checking out to receive the discount. If you have any questions or concerns please contact. Thank you all very much for the support and please share this discount with you friends and family.

First art project for my color class. My version of a color wheel.


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