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  • Excited for the Winter Gemshows?

    Going on all this month and half of next month, you will find the Quartzsite and Tucson gem shows taking place. I am planning this year to make it back to Tucson for a day trip, but won’t be able to make it out to Quartzsite. As usual the Quartzsite show, from what i have […]

  • New year sale starts today!!!!

    I want to thank everyone who participated in the last sale at Freeformcabs, during the black Friday weekend. There was little to no notice and it was still a great success. So in the spirit of Christmas and the new year.  Receive $25 OFF your total order of $75 or more. Enter code during checkout […]

  • Holiday Sale for 2days!!!

    With now over 400 cabochons here at freeformcab. There are so many to choose from, its now to get the best deal for the holiday!!! That’s right folks, jump on in and save 40% on your total order over $50!!! The sale will expire midnight on Friday 11.29.13 so there is only this small window […]

  • The time for change is in the air….

    With the fall season in full effect at my studio in Payson. I felt it was time for a change in the website too! I have updated the look and if you haven’t been to the site in several months, you will notice a new catalog system in place! This system is geared more to […]

  • Do you follow? New items and catalog at

    So, the catalog is now up to date. There are now 341 cabochons listed in the new catalog format, with another 20 coming up very soon. Plus i am working on a batch of 64 cabochons in my studio and at home in Chandler this week and next! I also have a full batch of […]

  • End of Summer Tucson trip

    Hey Folks, Here at, i personally love to get outside as much as possible. Debbie and I have the chance to stay one night at the Westward Look in Tucson a couple weeks ago and here are some pictures from that short but wonderful trip!      

  • Still here and kicking

    Hey everyone! How long has it been? too long that is for sure. I just wanted to chime in and let you all know i am still around and kicking. Today is my one year anniversary of moving out of Apache Jct, and into the cool pines under the Mogollon Rim. I am happy to […]

  • Fall Contest Winner!

    I want to thank everyone who submitted first  Its hard to come up with new ideas, and with a rather vague contest them, i am please to announce a winner for this years first fall contest.  The theme was “Creative Fall”, but the base of this contest was a photo contest. So one of the first things i looked for was a […]

  • Balsamic Blueberry pie recipe~

    Ok, this recipe is quickly becoming a big hit, so what do i do? I share it with you. Please if you try it at home, let me know how it goes and share in any tweaks or variations that become of it. Thanks Here is the general recipe: Standard Pie Crust recipe (makes 2- […]

  • Fire on the Mountain~

    The night before last we had a fire light up the side of the mountain, right across from where i am renting. About 230am, Debbie woke me up and we both watched in rather disbelief of how close this fire was. The next morning we walk by were it started and where even more surprised […]