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  • W.A.S. Downtown

    W.A.S. Downtown

    Downtown Sessions @ PTE by We are searchers

  • Snowbird Sessions

    Snowbird Sessions

    The snowbird sessions by We are searchers

  • W.A.S. plays old country

    W.A.S. plays old country

    In 2018 Brian, Josh, and I released a EP online we recorded remotely between homes and a couple in person session. We choose 4 songs each to create an full album+. But due to some life changes we completed my 4 choices and 2 of Josh’s choices. The Old Country by We are searchers

  • W.A.S. The Flatiron Sessions

    W.A.S. The Flatiron Sessions

    if you like country music, please take a moment and listen to these tracks. My band has been hard at work both with me and without me. We have shows book over the next 6 weeks. Please share with your friends and gives a little support if you like what you hear. Thanks The Flatiron […]