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So, the catalog is now up to date. There are now 341 cabochons listed in the new catalog format, with another 20 coming up very soon. Plus i am working on a batch of 64 cabochons in my studio and at home in Chandler this week and next! I also have a full batch of preforms waiting in the studio at the cabin to begin shaping into balanced freeform cabochons! Its very exciting and such a love to be working with stone as often as i can again.

If you are not aware, i relocated to Payson last year 2012, and in June this year i moved down to Chandler to be with the love of my life full time, Debbie Tucker. We have announced a wedding date in May of 2014 that will be held at the Church in Whispering Pines.  I had been spending a lot of my extra time this last year working for a internet radio station which just went belly up because the owner skipped town and took everything with him. The station in the meantime is being relaunched. But i choose to remove myself from it due to personal reasons. Which means i can now work on my lapidary more and enjoy sharing with all of you the wonderful world of Picture stones.

So please note: you can now SHOP at for cabochons. This new listing format will not list new cabochons into your email as before. So you must take a moment to browse the site for new ones, or use the category search bar for refining the groups to your liking.  There is a search bar option if you looking for specific names of materials not listed in the category drop down bar.  For example, Condor agate is listed under “Agate”. So if you are looking for Condor agate,  type it in the search bar to see current examples for sale and sold.  Here are a couple cabochons coming up in the next couple weeks. Keep watching and please let me know if you have any questions about the new catalog or the cabochons in it. Thanks and have a great day!!!

Lysite Agate Chrysocolla Silicate

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