Do you want some rough?

Updated~ No more rough for sale. I have sold it all off to a single buyer. What i have left is for my personal stocks only. sorry~

SO I’m wondering if anyone out there wants some rough lapidary material to work with? Now i am not looking to offer rough materials online really of any kind. There is way to much hassle in selling it online anymore in my opinion. However i still have tons, literally. I like the idea of having a few lifetimes worth of rough for my own cutting, but that i only have one life, and at least 20 lifes worth of materials.

If you’re reading this blog and want rough, simple contact me with your requests and “IF” i have some i may offer it to you.

If you’re reading this blog and want rough, simple contact me to set up a time to come out and fill your pockets, buckets, or trucks. I promise to offer a steal of a deal to anyone that comes and picks their own from my overstocks. You’re gonna have to move fast because this time next month i may not have much to offer anyone online or locally. I really want to try and get rid of what people are wanting to cut before i use the rest for building.

yesterday i found more several pounds Barite Sudomorphs(like sagenite), Good pieces of Regency found, Bruneau with full ord patterns, Gem Montana agates, and a neat horse canyon green moss nodule. These are all 10inch saw and smaller cutting rough. All the big pieces are mostly junk with some exceptions. So dont miss out before i close the piles for good and use them to build a studio with attached garden.

my email is [email protected]

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