Excited for the Winter Gemshows?

Going on all this month and half of next month, you will find the Quartzsite and Tucson gem shows taking place. I am planning this year to make it back to Tucson for a day trip, but won’t be able to make it out to Quartzsite. As usual the Quartzsite show, from what i have already heard isn’t much right now. And i wouldn’t expect it to as so until the Powwow which is slated to take place 1.22-1.26. So if you have planning to make a trip out to the small town that is Quartzsite. Try to set your dates with the pow wow show and you will be more pleased with the experience and offerings.

I am enrolled back in school this spring to start my path down to obtain a B.A.E. degree with state certification so in 5 years i can teach art here in Arizona schools k-12. It is very exciting for me and one of my first classes is Geology 101. I was speaking with my Teacher about the gem shows and she has already made it out to Quartzsite the first week of Jan. From Phoenix its about a 2+ hour drive. When i lived in Apache Jct, it was a solid 3 hour drive. With an hour of the trip just driving across the spread out Phoenix Metro.

In Tuscon i plan to look for some rough, ideally in slabs for cabochon work. Maybe look for carving material as well, Or a new trim saw.  But one of the main plans is really look for a set of wedding rings/bands for Debbie and I. If you are reading this post and know any dealers or preferred shows to check out for rings/bands. Please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated because i have not been to Tuscon gem show in a few years. Can’t wait though as we are planning the main weekend there of 2.15.14, gonna be a hectic blast!!!  Here is a link to the general show giude;


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