Fall Contest Winner!

I want to thank everyone who submitted first  Its hard to come up with new ideas, and with a rather vague contest them, i am please to announce a winner for this years first fall contest.  The theme was “Creative Fall”, but the base of this contest was a photo contest. So one of the first things i looked for was a good photo.

As a photographer for many years, i recall the online transition and digital medium that many traditional photographers were intimidated by. But as it really started to take hold in the latter 1990’s and film was quickly becoming something of a wasted medium.  I took jump head first into getting some images online and revealed at the notice no matter what i did to make a photo right(in my mind) The person viewing it across the internet was viewing it on their monitor. Thus the notion of color reproduction was very important to me. As we will always have monitor issues when it comes to color.

But being creative with photos will still always be a for front in my eye when judging or being the criticizer of any image.

So without further ramblings, the WINNER IS!  SHERRY CLARK!

The reason for my pic is two fold, The photo was of good color and composition, as there was lots of detail and i wanted to keep looking, and finding new things every time  The piece she photographed had allot of creative aspects too it and was quite unique. Product photography is something allot of people do poorly(including myself sometimes). And with the online market, its important to grab your viewers attention and hold them with a photo.  Sherry wins the cabochon set of rare Jasperella poppy jasper, and a Gel Chrysoprase Bullet. Plus 20% off the website for the rest of 2012. (not limited to one purchase)

Again, i want to thank everyone who submitted as it wasn’t easy. Look forward to another contest to be coming our way very soon. Please let me know your questions or concerns and don’t forget to stay crafty!

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