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Here at freeformcabs new home in Payson(Whispering Pines), fall is really upon me. The leaves are changing fast, pine needles are dropping even faster, and cold clear starry nights are here for sure. So i am gonna run a contest in lieu of the change of season.

~Here are the rules and lets have fun and invite your friends to contribute.

*This is a photo contest, so you must post your photo here in the comment section, on my facebook timeline, or email to me and i will post it for you([email protected]) You must provide your full artist name and ideally a link back to your works online so i can share that link with the photo.

*The photo must have a “creative fall” theme to it and ideally be that of the change in season using your work as a artist. If you’re a jeweler, please show off a fall piece, if your a painter, show off a fall painting, like to can food for winter, show us your canned goods, but with a photo appeal. Think creatively and come up with something really eye catching using your crafts and photograph it.

*Only 1 photo will be accepted and i will choose the best example of a “creative fall” i see. If you post more than one, i will delete all but what i think is the best one.

*Deadline is NOV 4th for submission of your photo. I must have it to my email, timeline, or in this thread no later than midnight on the 4th.

*I will choose a winner no later than Thanksgiving Nov 22

*The winner will receive this cabochon set for the winter season and an additional 20% off any order made before 2013. It is rare Jasperella cab and  Gel Chrysoprase bullet.

From Cabochon contest

~So get working on your photo submission now and make sure to tell your friends to join in too! Please ask questions if you are unclear on anything. Thanks

7 responses to “~Fall Contest~”

  1. Here is my entry Shain.

    This necklace is made from leaves picked from our property, coated with PMC silver, fired in a kiln and liver of sulfur was used for the patina. You cannot do better than nature, and enjoy using beautiful stone and copper in my pieces as well. I call my business (that exists only in my dreams) “Leaf an Impression”

  2. For those that put their entry in here, just add a link to your photo if you have it online somewhere. I will update it to be visible when i approve the comment. If you don’t have it online somewhere, or problems with the comment section, still submit your entry and send the image to me at [email protected] and i will make sure it gets seen. Thank you

  3. This is Barb Colberg contest submission:

    Attached is my entry to the contest. I hand paint pictures on maple leaves that come down in the fall. It is a rather lengthy process. I collect the leaves and make sure there are no holes or tears in them. Then I dry them off gently with a paper towel and put them in glycerine until they become supple. I then press them in a book between paper towels until they are really soft and pliable which sometimes can take up to a year. Not all of the leaves make it and will develop a hole or tear in them. Very,very frustrating experience!! Out of approximately 2 dozen leaves you may just get one or two good ones. I then paint them with acrylic or oil paint. The one pictured is done in acrylics. I then cover them with a light layer of acrylic varnish.
    I do not currently have a shop on line, although I am hanging on to an etsy shop I have, Pagan Gypsy. We recently moved from Pa. to NJ and I closed the store for that reason. I plan to reopen it once I build up my inventory again.
    That’s my story and I am really excited to be a part of this contest.

  4. This is Lavonne Schmuck contest submission:

    Thank you Shain for posting this for me. My name is Lavonne Schmuck. I don’t have an online store – maybe later. Anyway – I would like to submit this entry for your consideration. This is a red opal quintzite wrapped and sculpted in bronze wire with Swarovski Beads. Leaves created by nature, stone by nature and Shain. I call this piece “Fire”.

  5. Thank you all for playing! Contest is now closed and i will choose a winner in the next 10days or so. Maybe sooner. The winner will be announced and contacted, so keep a close eye on your email. i really appreciate all the entries and cant thank you all enough for submitting.

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