Links page~ who wants in?

I have started a link referral page and would like to ask anyone that is following or reading this site to join in.

***Who i am looking for are other artists especially in the lapidary trade. I am not looking for vendors unless you are a miner of the rough material you offer for sale.

*** You must have a valid website with good content and not just a shopping cart.

A site with just a shopping cart is the way of the past and content about your materials or work needs to be in place in order for your site to be posted to this links page. This means you need to be talking about your work in order to sell it. If you notice this website i often am talking more about what I am doing than just offering cabochons for sale. And i still can, and should be talking more about the materials and ways to cut them. But its enough and allows for good content wether you want to read about baking, music, or my life. It connects with the viewer into the site and your site should be also connecting with the viewer.

Please submit your link today for review. Here is all you need to do:

1: using the comment section below, or the Contact page…. send me your complete URL so i can visit your site.

2: You must have a links page in place as one of the fist requirements for approval. This shows you are sharing with your viewers, other places online that you visit or would like them to visit. The links page needs nothing fancey, just active links to valid websites.

3: In a timely manner, my website much be added to this links page. If you add my site before you submit your link here for review. Its pretty much a garantee your site will be listed here.

Here is my links page and where your site will be listed in order of when i receive your submission.

This is the content i ask sumbitted to your links page:
Shain Mayer is a self taught lapidary who specializes in Picture stone, high color, semi-precious gemstone agate and Jasper from all around the world. Blue Mountain, Fire Agate, Montana Agate, Druzy, Antelope Jasper, Agate Creek, Opal, Gem Silica, Regency Rose Plume Agate, Morrisonite, Imperial Jasper, Royal Sahara Jasper, Varascite, and many more hard to find rare cabochons. I cut mainly freeform designer cabochons or natural freeform gemstones.
You may also find my music i record and publish as well as my general life going ons from my now hobby of bread baking, to hiking and rockhounding adventures.

I will update a new image banner as soon as possible that you can use too if you prefer. However the above content block must still be used on your links page and not just an image banner.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions of websites you visit, even if you are not the website owner. I may add them to my links page anyway if they have great content.
Thanks so much for your time.

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