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So this past April i took a job in central Arizona at a place known as Kohls ranch. I worked in the saloon for two months and got royally screwed over by the lease owner who treated all his employees like crap. I wont go into details but i am very happy that is over with.

I was fortunate enough to land a job back in the baking industry at the Bashas supermarket in Payson and now working full-time as a baker. Just last week i signed a lease for a new place and today finally got all settled in. i finished putting together my lapidary Studio and cut one cab. I also built a carving station back in May and will start using it fulltime as well. have many projects underway and will share in due time.

Here is two shots of my studio setup and a bit of tweaking to go, and the first cabochon i cut. Look forward to reading more from me this year and my adventures in my new home in Whispering Pines. Thanks for the moment.

From The Shop
From The Shop
From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

9 responses to “New Home for freeformcabs”

  1. Congrats! It’s great when life takes an upswing. Enjoy the ride!

    Ps what is that tool in the island of your shop with the big pulley?

    • Thanks Chad, i will do. That is a slow speed leather bound polisher. Similar to what Bob Rush uses, you are seeing the back of it. I am fixing the motor. The leather face is about 18 inches and works great for finish polishing.

  2. You lucky devil, I’m working on out of a shed but then again I’m not cabbing just cutting but still you lucky devil, can’t wait to chill with you in Az. looking GREAT!, keep up the good work. Late.

    • Jason, i have an extra room you guys can come visit anytime. I am very lucky, you should see the rest of the place. I have a party deck. and the river is 50 feet away.

    • i agree Ice, its been long time coming. before it was broken up into several places around my old home. Missing my large slab saw but got many liftimes worth of slabs so i Ok for now.

  3. Good luck to you! You have a ton of good collecting areas around there, and a real cool rock shop right in town…

    • Dean, were is the rockshop? The last one i knew of closed a couple years ago. They were just north of the Post office off the 87. Allot places to collect for sure, i have several AZ diamond spots within 200 yards of my new place.

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