New website & blog in some time.

New website & blog in some time.

The personal website is back up and what do you think? Im posting this through my phone right now so please don’t mind all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Im excited though! Arn’t you?

So this year has been busy but not really. Debbie and I have settled into living in our cabin in Payson and love it. This new years with its ups and downs with current events has been not a big change. The biggest change was we decided to try listing our apartment for rent to couples through airbnb.

Last fall we tried renting it out to 1 nice old lady that did not turn out well. Besides running her TV at full volume for 24 hours and be very needy. She ended up giving notice to move out, then just up and left without paying rent and left the apartment a mess. We were fine with it in the end snd it was an experience I don’t think we want to try again. Payson has a lot of these types of people and we are now making more money renting it out to travelers. So tell tour friends and book our apartment now on airbnb.

With the start of the new year we have been able to book almost every weekend. And in May it has doubled. So this summer will be busy and we wont have to move ourselves out of the cabin every weekend!

With the climate of the pandemic both Debbie and I have continued to work. We both had a sick spell in March but I was only down 4-5 days and Debbie was down for almost 7 weeks! She was tested in early March for covid19 and it came back negative. But we discovered all early tests were sent out contaminated.

All i know is we both agree to self isolate, stay home, reduce contact in public. However my part time job is as a vendor in Walmart. And what ever we got at the beginning of March. I got it and gave it to Debbie.

During the downtime I have relaunched my lapidary ventures and have worked on building/finishing my studio. Ive cut around 200 cabochons in the last month and like this site, have begun relaunching my freeformcabs website. Here is a leathers ranch piece i cut today.

Leathers Ranch plume agate
Leathers Ranch Plume Agate

In the end the goals is to finish my studio, rockhound more with the local rock club. Raise some money selling cabochons to buy a 10 inch saw. And continue to create content online for the trade.

Creating content is my end goal on this site too. More blogging, videos and more sharing. Lots more travel for Debbie and I and lots more pictures of Daisy and Koa. Thanks for reading. Now lets see it this new website post works from phone!

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