No more….

If you are a paypal customer, i am sorry but i can not except your payments anymore. Thats right, after over 12 years as a customer of their service i have closed the account. If you really want to know why you can ask me here. But i just wanted to inform anyone who follows this blog or reads into it. I don’t offer their broken system anymore.

please note some cabochons may still have buttons for a paypal checkout. I will disable and remove them asap. If you try to use them, they will not work for you.

I do still except google checkout[wallet] and money orders. Thanks for the moment and please have a wonderful day. I will now that i am free of them.

3 responses to “No more….”

  1. Nuff said…I sell on ebay and have to use that farce of a service but if there was any other…I’ve been there lol.

  2. I stopped selling on ebay 6 years ago, they still owe me credit. I keep my account active to show i had 700+ unique positive feedbacks at a 100% rating. I should update my about me page to reflect my current status, but i haven’t. When ebay bought paypal, thats when the service went to crud.

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