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Contest has ended and the winner is Sherry Clark, please scroll down to the comments to see the cabochon and correct anwser. Thanks!

I posted this on my facebook page for freeformcabs and no one is playing. So with three days left to guess, as anyone playing has until the 10th to guess the name. I am offering a finished cabochon to the first person that can guess this material correctly. The cabochon is cut from this exact piece and common sense dictates what the material is, that is, if you follow my posts, here, on facebook, or other places i post. The cab is already cut and finished and you’re gonna kick yourself in the butt for not playing.

Post your comment here, i am looking for the trade name only. Shipping is included even for an international player. There are only 3 days left to play to you don’t have much time.

From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

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  1. OK, I am horrible at guessing the names, so I’m going to give you several. How about Malwi Blue, Ukanite, Black Basalt, Paint Rock?? Don’t laugh at my guesses….

  2. Ok, so here are my latest guesses: Looked through your blogs and here is what I came up with..Blue Mountain Jasper, Pietersite, Arizona Diamonds, Red Hill Agate, Holley Purple, Helenite, Water Wheel Ukanite, Golden Horn Coral, Yellow Nodules, Criniod Grouping, Fire Agate, Black Rock Plume Agate, Biggs Jasper, Tehoma Jasper, lapis, Chalcodony, Black Marfar Plume, White Willow Creek Jasper, Royal Sahara Jasper, Rainbow Obsidian, Yellow Tiffany Stone, Golden Beryl, Coprolite. Now, if it isn’t any of these, I have no idea where to go from here :-)….

  3. Sherry you have won, but i must ask you to be specific now.Out of the group of names you listed, which do you think is the correct answer?

  4. I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!! Now, I have been doing a lot of research looking at pictures of specimens of the above list. I have ruled out quite a few, but still do not know for sure. One that I could not find a picture of a specimen is the Black Marfar Plume, so I can’t rule that one out. Could it be the Black Rock Plume Agate, or Chalcedony?

    • Its Blue Mountain Jasper, one of, if not the best best out of the the group of 5 known gem jaspers. Blue Mtn is the least known and worked. If you google it, you’ll find im one of the few cutters out there are actaully offer it. Here is your cab, cut from this exact piece of rough.

      I will email you for shipping details after i post this reply. Thanks for playing

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