How TO keep in touch…..

How TO keep in touch…..

There are several ways to follow this website now. I really do like how far the internet has come since the last time i really tried to develop a website.

oldest  example and easiest way to stay in contact with this site and what i am doing is to use the

option located on either side of the content area(depending on which page you are on). All you have to do is submit your email, then confirm the email by checking for a confirmation from this site in your email. Once your email is active you will receive the daily content i create on this site.  If you activate it and for some reason don’t recieve any emails, please contact me with you concern and we’ll work it out.

Or, another option is to use the RSS option which doesnt reqiure your email. If you are not fimalure with ATOM or RSS. Please visit wiki to read more about how you can pull information and content from sites like this into any number of readers. Its a great way to grab your favorite content on the web into one place free of adds.

I use a RSS reader on my mobile phone that pulls several of my favorite websites and it works really well for staying uptodate.

The last two options are the newer facebook, twitter, network blogs, and linkedin social networks. If you are a member of either of these sites you can follow the  me with general activities, some which update daily under this blogs content i create.  I also have a youtube account and will post more videos in there as time permits. Thanks allot for tagging along in my rediscovery of my gemstone craft.

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