Questions, comments, suggestions……..

If you are looking at my site right now, wondering if you are looking for something you can’t find, or dont understand how the site works. I am always open to suggestions to improve but have certain limited knowledge of allot of website things now its been 5 years later since i really built one. And the internet has changed allot in that time.

Right now for the next couple weeks i will be listing all my old cabochon catalog with a paypal checkout option. There are a couple things you should note if shopping freeformcabs.

*Paypal checkout only right now

*All items are on a single shipping basis right now which does not combine for save during checkout.

*I do combine to save on shipping, but you much email me prior to trying to checkout the items yourself. I will need just the title of the cabochon you are looking at. I will confrim your interests and send a paypal or google invoice.

*the catalog is set very simply right now under the “for sale” page.

*Photos are listed in each product, but you can see a simple thumbnail of the cabochon if you use the search bar. (simply type in Chrysocolla for example and it will pull up the thumbnail for easy browsing of stones under that category).

*The “add to cart” if found in the actaul listing under the description. Please note.

*And last for general info about ordering on this site, please visit my Policy Page to read more about this process. Thanks

I have at least a hundred or more cabs to list and so much to start cutting. Please tell your friends about the site, and if you remember me from years ago. I’m back. better watch out.

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