Royal Sahara Jasper Slab~ “The pour point”

I really like these types of picture jasper’s and ive always thought Royal Sahara was a bit unique even though it is as nice as the orginal old Blue Biggs or Gem Deschutes Picture jasper from Oregon. However these nodule “lahar” jasper from Africa i believe can really show how the material forms and this piece is a perfect example.

Now I am no Geologist but i am good at observing the natural world. This nodule was picked up by my dad on Saturday at the Flagg show in mesa. He paid too much because it wasn’t from the miners but he was able to pick and he did pick a good one i say.

We have discussed that the better material in Royal Sahara in our opinion tends to be the more abstract pictures when the fine line is a little more blurred and there is not such huge dark to light color contrast. This nodule was also pretty flat and as you can see from this piece, has a perfect natural freeform oval shape. I wonder if i will be able to keep the natural skin as the girdle. It was the nice crackling texture that is still very smooth.

Anyway I’ve noticed when cutting this material often you left with the pattern on one side of the nodule. More than not, even though I have some fun pattern slabs, it really depends on how its cut. Upon observing other slabs, i could always follow a direction that lead to what i call the pour point. I could also follow the point to the skin and noticed allot of times there is a black patch at the skin unlike the rest of the brown.

So dad put the piece on to get the best yield in slabs, which was also the axis along with the pour point. Lucky more than anything the direction was perfect to actually capture the “point” i have imaged that can be at the bottom of the pattern or center of the nodule. On top right at the point on one side of the slab there is a little orange-ish triangle that is semi-metallic. What a cool piece which produced two slabs with this pattern. So when cutting Royal Sahara Jasper this year, look for the pour point!

From Royal Sahara Jasper
From Royal Sahara Jasper

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