Sourdough bread and the likes of deliciousness!

So i had to feed my starter again the other day and felt it was time to also make another round of pizza dough and bread for muchin. So i made a lavain style roasted garlic pizza dough and a Vermont style sourdough with wheat.Both recipes can be found in “Bread” a bakers book of techniques and recipes by J. Hamelman.

Very good book and well worth adding to you collection if you are a bread baker. Frist let me say that the roasted garlic levain makes outstanding pizza dough. I often add roasted potatoes to it and its one of my go-to pizza dough when i was running a woodfired oven at a friends pub for free before moving out of Apache Jct. Its soft and chewy but you will get a fine crust that really only can be got from good sourdoughs without using a steam oven. Sorry no pictures of the dough i made.

The Vermont wheat sourdough was a frist time and was a real success as well. The two recipes are similar but the levain had a real stiff culture, and the Vermont had a real wet culture. It was so wet i thought i messed something up. I did a steam bath method were boiling water was poured into a hot pan in the oven a few minutes before i through in the bread. Here are pictures of the frist two loaf I baked the same day as mixing.

The color was a little dark because I used olive oil as a release to the pans i baked them in. Since im not using a deck or baking stone. I couldn’t put these loaf on the rack in my electric oven. So i put them in metal pie tins.(frist time doing it that way)
But I was generally pleased with the outcome. I cut into one loaf when it was cool and this is what it looks like.

Pretty nice looking crumb if I don’t say so myself. With that result i thought how much better this crumb would be with a deck oven or real super hot woodfired oven.

I got 4 loaf out of the recipe and held two of them till the next day in my refrigerator. They were shaped and placed in pic tins, covered with plastic wrap and set for over 12 hours at about 52 degrees. I baked them the next morning using the same steam bath, and removed them from the pie tins once they were set up enough to handle. Here is the result.

I am only showing the crust up close, as i got a better bake-off color, tons of large size blisters and was even more pleased with the success. The crumb was much better than the loaf from the day before. I couldn’t be more happy with the recipe and am now more inspired to start working on my woodfire oven. The plan is to get it done before next spring and start selling bread at the local farmers market. wish me luck.

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