Still here and kicking

Hey everyone! How long has it been? too long that is for sure. I just wanted to chime in and let you all know i am still around and kicking. Today is my one year anniversary of moving out of Apache Jct, and into the cool pines under the Mogollon Rim. I am happy to say i survived the winter which is nothing compared to other parts of the county, but it was the first time i really got to live in the thick of a winter, and it was great! Cold yes, but i learned allot and enjoyed every minute of it.

What I’ve been up to has been allot of the same, i am still working for Bashas as a fulltime baker in Payson. My band has really taken off locally and we are doing several shows a month. But a couple new things are going on as well. I am extremely pleased to have found the love of my life, Debbie Tucker! Which today is our 4 month anniversary of finding each other! We are very much in love and so happy together. She is my best friend and partner in crime, i love her with all my heart!

The other thing is i started working with an online radio station based out of Phoenix, AZ as their website admin and have tried doing my own old time radio show. Recently ive tried to go live without success you can visit the radio station site and listen here :

Last i am working on fixing a remodel problem with my studio and plan to be doing a studio upgrade here in the next few months, so stayed tuned! Thank you for all keeping up with me and i am pleased to share with you some photos of my life.

Debbie and I at the east verde bridge. from this past weekend Me on banjo!


we are searchers at the Firehouse gallery in downtown Phoenix my home in the pines during the last big snow. this is my backyard. The road to where i live after a small snow storm.


having a snowball fight with my newfews sunset over Kitty Joe drop after a sunday drive with Debbie.



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  1. Dear Shain, Thank you for sharing your heart with me. I will cherish it always. I love you. ~Debbie

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