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  • Great time in Tucson

    Great time in Tucson

    On February 1st, Debbie and I went to see the Tucson Gem show opening weekend. We were just staying over one night and our goal was to find new wedding rings that are matching and do not need to be sized. We had a great time even though the whole state of Arizona was going […]

  • Do you follow? New items and catalog at Freeformcabs.com

    So, the catalog is now up to date. There are now 341 cabochons listed in the new catalog format, with another 20 coming up very soon. Plus i am working on a batch of 64 cabochons in my studio and at home in Chandler this week and next! I also have a full batch of […]

  • Still my favorite shape….

    Cut from a Kentucky agate with awesome natural yellow color. This is my favorite shape i cut and one you wont find from other cabochon cutters that i have seen. Its a modified wing shape. And the piece is nice and transparent except for the yellow banded zone. enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Leathers Ranch plume….

    Finished slabbing this one yesterday. This is the heel, bout 2inches thick still! Got 5 slabs off it but the last two large ones had a feature right through the center, separating the red from the purple zone.  What a nice piece though, enjoy~

  • More thin slabbing…..

    Almost finished slabbing that casted mold, here are a couple more examples it produced. Black Marfar plume and another bots. I also cut a royal Sahara jasper nodule,  a pure white willow creek jasper. Enjoy~

  • Start wearing purple….

    My favorite piece of old Turkish purple agate was put on the saw yesterday. Now I’m gonna have to cab some. Who likes purple?!

  • Little baby Brazilian agate

    I have a box of these mixed with some Lakers I’m saving for cab making. I didn’t know how nice they were till yesterday when I sliced a couple open. Very nice dark Carmel color with black rind and some water line pattern. 

  • Trying a little carving…

    Cut from a piece of tube agate ice been in spired lately to try out in some simple carving. Very rough but its fun and I still have a bit to go on shaping before I move into sanding.

  • Examples of Red Hill Agate

    Here are some rough and finished examples of what i call Red Hill agate. I found it in March of 2011 and went back and pulled out about 300 pounds in May of 2011. I will plan to explore it a little more this weekend and hope to bring back a good piece limb i […]

  • Who’s likes Robinson Ranch plume agate, I do!

    A nice colorful piece but really not much plume at all. And I cut it against the plume later because there is a thick bit of black under the reds. Still on the saw thus morning. What to slab next.