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  • Sourdough bread and the likes of deliciousness!

    So i had to feed my starter again the other day and felt it was time to also make another round of pizza dough and bread for muchin. So i made a lavain style roasted garlic pizza dough and a Vermont style sourdough with wheat.Both recipes can be found in “Bread” a bakers book of […]

  • What ive been up to……

    The last few months have been super busy at the bakery for me. Typical kinda of stuff, not many people want to work and the summer here in Payson is the busy season. So ive been working my butt off because i am a hard worker and really enjoy baking as a fulltime profession. I […]

  • Orange Carmel buns

    So I’m getting a limited wifi signal at the cabin and will update my goings on as I can. Work is real good just not busy yet. But I am developing a house sweet bun for them to start and these are pics of the frist test I did at the cabin. They need more […]

  • A little ciabatta

    So I wanted to test a recipe yesterday for ciabatta. Here are a couple photos. This frist shot is the dough right after the last fold.   Here are two finished loafs. The left is par and the right is light bake.  I underproofed the loaf on the left as well because I’m not finished […]

  • updates and the likes of progress

    updates and the likes of progress

    So last night, between the hours of 7pm and 10pm my website was hit with a huge spam bot. IT slowed the site down for that time because it was constantly commenting on all the pages. See, i allow comments to be open to the public so on any page you can contact me, or […]