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  • Malawi Blue

    Ive had this piece since 2001, and though the color is a little extreme(because i started using instagram). Its shows off how nice this piece is, glow and all. I am saving it for a carving session and have more but its one of the best. Enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Pure chrysocholla with plumes!

    Bet you never seen this stuff before? Its was one of the frist pieces of chrysocolla silicate I ever purchased. Highly unstable and rather large so I haven’t tried to stabilize it yet. And though its very hard to see in the photos, there are fine, almost dendrite fine plumes in this piece! The plumes […]

  • Purple and blue in the sunlight

    Blue chalcedony freeform with a tongue shape and a bullet shaped Holley blue. It looked so nice glowing in the window light as I finished them just now I