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  • Sourdough bread and the likes of deliciousness!

    So i had to feed my starter again the other day and felt it was time to also make another round of pizza dough and bread for muchin. So i made a lavain style roasted garlic pizza dough and a Vermont style sourdough with wheat.Both recipes can be found in “Bread” a bakers book of […]

  • Little baking

    Milk bread and buns, sourdough pretzels,  and blueberry pie. Yum!

  • A little ciabatta

    So I wanted to test a recipe yesterday for ciabatta. Here are a couple photos. This frist shot is the dough right after the last fold.   Here are two finished loafs. The left is par and the right is light bake.  I underproofed the loaf on the left as well because I’m not finished […]