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  • New year sale starts today!!!!

    I want to thank everyone who participated in the last sale at Freeformcabs, during the black Friday weekend. There was little to no notice and it was still a great success. So in the spirit of Christmas and the new year.  Receive $25 OFF your total order of $75 or more. Enter code during checkout […]

  • ~Fall Contest~

    ~CONTEST IS CLOSED~ Here at freeformcabs new home in Payson(Whispering Pines), fall is really upon me. The leaves are changing fast, pine needles are dropping even faster, and cold clear starry nights are here for sure. So i am gonna run a contest in lieu of the change of season. ~Here are the rules and lets have fun and invite […]

  • Still my favorite shape….

    Cut from a Kentucky agate with awesome natural yellow color. This is my favorite shape i cut and one you wont find from other cabochon cutters that i have seen. Its a modified wing shape. And the piece is nice and transparent except for the yellow banded zone. enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Working with some reds

    Can you identify any of these stones? They are rough preforms in the red spectrum. Can you guess my favorite? From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Collector orbicular Tiffany stone cab

    A personal cab that measures 120x55mm!  Not for sale.

  • Fire obsidian, today’s cuts, and a carving.

    I try to rotate at least 6 finished cabs a day. But work in many more preforms and slabbing.  Here is today’s finished group of nice cuts. The fire obsidian is my favorite. Can you name the other pieces in there? Last is a rough carving if some malachite silica that has natural shapes I’m […]

  • ~SOLD~Gel Red Laguna Agate Cabochon 54x22x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale This is what i call the “goose neck” shape. fun to try and get out of old rough like this piece came from. The color is really nice in this piece and i think the price should be higher. But with such a funny shape that is gonna really be up […]

  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 35x26x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale Here is a super example for ya if you love reds. This is a fossil agate i found and personal collected the rough last May. I barely scratched the surface and i have a bit more to cut before i go back. The color is for real, this piece is a […]

  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 36x21x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale This cabochon i cut from material i personally collected and found last year here in Arizona. It is a branch coral, unknown species thus far. Most piece i collected were as thick as an Adult for-arm and ahve a rich red paint agate color. Which is typical as well is they […]

  • ~SOLD~Red Laguna Agate Cabochon 33x15x5mm

    From Cabochons for sale I found this tiny little half nugget in my piles last week and man did it have the nicest red color! I find these allot but they are often more pinkish white, This one also has a nice candleflame pattern and i cut the shape the best i cut as a […]