Tag: carving

  • Malawi Blue

    Ive had this piece since 2001, and though the color is a little extreme(because i started using instagram). Its shows off how nice this piece is, glow and all. I am saving it for a carving session and have more but its one of the best. Enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Today’s workings

    Holley purple, Malawi blue, and a deep green helenite. The snake, the elephant, and the clam.

  • Fire obsidian, today’s cuts, and a carving.

    I try to rotate at least 6 finished cabs a day. But work in many more preforms and slabbing.  Here is today’s finished group of nice cuts. The fire obsidian is my favorite. Can you name the other pieces in there? Last is a rough carving if some malachite silica that has natural shapes I’m […]

  • Large Fire Agate preform~ work in progress

    This is a piece ive been working on for a very long time. IT was one of the first pieces i stopped cutting on when i realized i was ruining the actual fire. In these photos im showing off the color, but there is a large rather dead area with copper fire that i chopped […]

  • Trying a little carving…

    Cut from a piece of tube agate ice been in spired lately to try out in some simple carving. Very rough but its fun and I still have a bit to go on shaping before I move into sanding.