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  • Do you follow? New items and catalog at Freeformcabs.com

    So, the catalog is now up to date. There are now 341 cabochons listed in the new catalog format, with another 20 coming up very soon. Plus i am working on a batch of 64 cabochons in my studio and at home in Chandler this week and next! I also have a full batch of […]

  • Weekly update and picasa

    Hey Folks, Thanks for bearing with me and the internet. All cabochons for this week are now updated into the catalog for you to view. Last week was realy busy and i fell behind the start if this week because of internet and computer problems. All solved for the time being though but i wanted […]

  • Catalog update

    Catalog update

    So, i only have a few old back logged cabochons to finish listing to this catalog. This will put the current selection roughly at 230 cabochons with many main types being offered and worked daily. My goal is to continue updating the catalog as i finish groups of cabs. For example, i still have 50 […]