Tag: cutting

  • Large Fire Agate preform~ work in progress

    This is a piece ive been working on for a very long time. IT was one of the first pieces i stopped cutting on when i realized i was ruining the actual fire. In these photos im showing off the color, but there is a large rather dead area with copper fire that i chopped […]

  • Little baby Brazilian agate

    I have a box of these mixed with some Lakers I’m saving for cab making. I didn’t know how nice they were till yesterday when I sliced a couple open. Very nice dark Carmel color with black rind and some water line pattern. 

  • Trying a little carving…

    Cut from a piece of tube agate ice been in spired lately to try out in some simple carving. Very rough but its fun and I still have a bit to go on shaping before I move into sanding.

  • unknown Sulphur Lapidary rough

    This is the frist cut from a piece of rough i keep finding in my overstocks. I do believe it is sulfur included in silica and some sulfide metal. You can smell it! But man, this photo was taken at dusk and the yellow color is insane. The hardness reminds me of serpentine but you’ll […]