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  • Great time in Tucson

    Great time in Tucson

    On February 1st, Debbie and I went to see the Tucson Gem show opening weekend. We were just staying over one night and our goal was to find new wedding rings that are matching and do not need to be sized. We had a great time even though the whole state of Arizona was going […]

  • Fire on the Mountain~

    The night before last we had a fire light up the side of the mountain, right across from where i am renting. About 230am, Debbie woke me up and we both watched in rather disbelief of how close this fire was. The next morning we walk by were it started and where even more surprised […]

  • Sourdough bread and the likes of deliciousness!

    So i had to feed my starter again the other day and felt it was time to also make another round of pizza dough and bread for muchin. So i made a lavain style roasted garlic pizza dough and a Vermont style sourdough with wheat.Both recipes can be found in “Bread” a bakers book of […]