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  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 36x21x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale This cabochon i cut from material i personally collected and found last year here in Arizona. It is a branch coral, unknown species thus far. Most piece i collected were as thick as an Adult for-arm and ahve a rich red paint agate color. Which is typical as well is they […]

  • Do you want some rough?

    Updated~ No more rough for sale. I have sold it all off to a single buyer. What i have left is for my personal stocks only. sorry~ SO I’m wondering if anyone out there wants some rough lapidary material to work with? Now i am not looking to offer rough materials online really of any […]

  • ~SOLD~Berber Tube Agate Cabochon 57x38x8mm

    From Cabochons for sale Berber Agate is from Morocco and seems to have come and gone. But who knowns this 2012 season has just started and there might be more new material their at the gemshows right now!@ Nice tube formations in a pleasant white and pink agate. Overall large cab too! Thanks for looking.