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  • New year sale starts today!!!!

    I want to thank everyone who participated in the last sale at Freeformcabs, during the black Friday weekend. There was little to no notice and it was still a great success. So in the spirit of Christmas and the new year.  Receive $25 OFF your total order of $75 or more. Enter code during checkout […]

  • Still my favorite shape….

    Cut from a Kentucky agate with awesome natural yellow color. This is my favorite shape i cut and one you wont find from other cabochon cutters that i have seen. Its a modified wing shape. And the piece is nice and transparent except for the yellow banded zone. enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • ~SOLD~Gel Red Laguna Agate Cabochon 54x22x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale This is what i call the “goose neck” shape. fun to try and get out of old rough like this piece came from. The color is really nice in this piece and i think the price should be higher. But with such a funny shape that is gonna really be up […]

  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 35x26x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale Here is a super example for ya if you love reds. This is a fossil agate i found and personal collected the rough last May. I barely scratched the surface and i have a bit more to cut before i go back. The color is for real, this piece is a […]

  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 36x21x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale This cabochon i cut from material i personally collected and found last year here in Arizona. It is a branch coral, unknown species thus far. Most piece i collected were as thick as an Adult for-arm and ahve a rich red paint agate color. Which is typical as well is they […]

  • ~SOLD~Red Laguna Agate Cabochon 33x15x5mm

    From Cabochons for sale I found this tiny little half nugget in my piles last week and man did it have the nicest red color! I find these allot but they are often more pinkish white, This one also has a nice candleflame pattern and i cut the shape the best i cut as a […]

  • ~SOLD~Marfa Agate Freeform Cabochon 49x28x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale What a nice true black and white agate from the Marfa fields of west Texas. I have about 5 pounds of these fun agates and plan on cutting more. This cabochon has a nice glossy shine and floating black eye in the white agate. Thanks for looking. —————————————————- Paypal Option —————————————————-

  • ~SOLD~Crazylace Agate Cabochon 25x19x6.5mm

    From Cabochons for sale Nice little red gem Crazylace agate cabochon cut from the top bubble of a piece of rough that was actually quite bland in color and pattern. It is a small piece and is very nice little gem. Thanks for looking.

  • ~SOLD~Kentucky Agate Freeform Cabochon 28x31x5mm

    From Cabochons for sale Kentucky Agate is a very fine gem paint agate from the South. It can be really colorful stuff and is often pinks and yellows. This piece has a little green/yellow color with a nice gray banding top. Excellent freeform shape, thanks for looking!

  • ~SOLD~Botswanna Agate Cabochon 36x42x5mm

    From Cabochons for sale I like Botswanna agate because of its fine line detail. And this is a nice cabochon with little red tubes at the top, and a nice large purple pool of color. Nice freeform shape that will prove very easy to set into your jewelry creations. Thanks for looking