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  • Great time in Tucson

    Great time in Tucson

    On February 1st, Debbie and I went to see the Tucson Gem show opening weekend. We were just staying over one night and our goal was to find new wedding rings that are matching and do not need to be sized. We had a great time even though the whole state of Arizona was going […]

  • Batcave jasper

    Very rare stuff, always thin vein super fine jasper. Only this one super preform from the slab but man its gonna be nice when finished. Enjoy ~

  • Do you want some rough?

    Updated~ No more rough for sale. I have sold it all off to a single buyer. What i have left is for my personal stocks only. sorry~ SO I’m wondering if anyone out there wants some rough lapidary material to work with? Now i am not looking to offer rough materials online really of any […]

  • Humbolt Jasper Rough on the saw

    From Lapidary rough on the saw I have a few slabs of this material and this one big hunk that is now getting its turn on the saw. It is a very brecciate jasper that is similar to stone canyon but mostly white and blacks. It is very rare material from California that will cut […]

  • ~SOLD~ Blue Mountain Jasper Cabochon 40x24x3mm

    From Cabochons for sale Supper craftsmanship, this cabochon was cut by Robert Love of Oregon. Though the colors are a little brighter in the photo, this piece is top notch gem jasper and truly deserves a gold setting. It reminds me of an Alien face kinda, pretty and at a fetching low price.