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  • Great time in Tucson

    Great time in Tucson

    On February 1st, Debbie and I went to see the Tucson Gem show opening weekend. We were just staying over one night and our goal was to find new wedding rings that are matching and do not need to be sized. We had a great time even though the whole state of Arizona was going […]

  • Still my favorite shape….

    Cut from a Kentucky agate with awesome natural yellow color. This is my favorite shape i cut and one you wont find from other cabochon cutters that i have seen. Its a modified wing shape. And the piece is nice and transparent except for the yellow banded zone. enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Working with some reds

    Can you identify any of these stones? They are rough preforms in the red spectrum. Can you guess my favorite? From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Malawi Blue

    Ive had this piece since 2001, and though the color is a little extreme(because i started using instagram). Its shows off how nice this piece is, glow and all. I am saving it for a carving session and have more but its one of the best. Enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Today’s workings

    Holley purple, Malawi blue, and a deep green helenite. The snake, the elephant, and the clam.

  • New Home for freeformcabs

    So this past April i took a job in central Arizona at a place known as Kohls ranch. I worked in the saloon for two months and got royally screwed over by the lease owner who treated all his employees like crap. I wont go into details but i am very happy that is over […]

  • Basonite

    Is not all that exciting but I have a bit a need to slab some.  I was very pleasnatly surprised on this piece, no pitting! Its almost like a black jade.  I got so many plumes I wanna back with this stuff. Keep a look out.

  • More thin slabbing…..

    Almost finished slabbing that casted mold, here are a couple more examples it produced. Black Marfar plume and another bots. I also cut a royal Sahara jasper nodule,  a pure white willow creek jasper. Enjoy~

  • Thin slabbing success

    in need of some thin slabs for two different projects I got a couple nice pieces of botswanna agate from a friend and casted them in plaster with some other goodies. The plaster works great as it helps line up the blade true before it real gets into the rough. I am getting 2mm thick […]

  • Dino poop?

    Yesterday I wasn’t able to cut as I went and helped a friend move a bunch of stuff for new carpet. Today back on track with the rocks. This piece I think might be a coprolite from the looks of the rough. Gonna cut some nice slabs. Will post the cut when its ready to […]