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  • New website & blog in some time.

    New website & blog in some time.

    The personal website is back up and what do you think? Im posting this through my phone right now so please don’t mind all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Im excited though! Arn’t you? So this year has been busy but not really. Debbie and I have settled into living in our cabin in Payson […]

  • Do you follow? New items and catalog at Freeformcabs.com

    So, the catalog is now up to date. There are now 341 cabochons listed in the new catalog format, with another 20 coming up very soon. Plus i am working on a batch of 64 cabochons in my studio and at home in Chandler this week and next! I also have a full batch of […]

  • W.A.S. The Flatiron Sessions

    W.A.S. The Flatiron Sessions

    if you like country music, please take a moment and listen to these tracks. My band has been hard at work both with me and without me. We have shows book over the next 6 weeks. Please share with your friends and gives a little support if you like what you hear. Thanks The Flatiron […]

  • New update to site…..

    So i started messing with what i shouldn’t of yesterday and its taken me a full day to get the site back to at least public. I did lose the content published from July to December. I’m OK with that and i still have all the images and post content. I will try to update […]