Tag: on the saw

  • Leathers Ranch plume….

    Finished slabbing this one yesterday. This is the heel, bout 2inches thick still! Got 5 slabs off it but the last two large ones had a feature right through the center, separating the red from the purple zone.  What a nice piece though, enjoy~

  • Basonite

    Is not all that exciting but I have a bit a need to slab some.  I was very pleasnatly surprised on this piece, no pitting! Its almost like a black jade.  I got so many plumes I wanna back with this stuff. Keep a look out.

  • Humbolt Jasper Rough on the saw

    From Lapidary rough on the saw I have a few slabs of this material and this one big hunk that is now getting its turn on the saw. It is a very brecciate jasper that is similar to stone canyon but mostly white and blacks. It is very rare material from California that will cut […]