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  • RSRC Septarian Nodule Hunting

    RSRC Septarian Nodule Hunting

    On 5/23/2020 I planned an impromptu exploratory field trip to North Peak for the Rimstones Rock club of Payson. After finding the old AZ Geo Survey Maps of a rock collecting book, hand written maps and types info with mile distance directions. I used Google Earth (on my phone) to plot the markers talked about […]

  • Whispering Pines liven

    Here is a slide show of photos ive been taking around my new home just north of Payson, AZ. I grew up partially here and have roots from Grandparents whom spent the better parts of the last of their days here. Its were i find Arizona Diamonds and Fossils as far as the eye can […]

  • Water wheel ukanite

    This is an example of ukanite you can find at waterwheel. I picked this piece up off the trail from the parking lot up to the falls. Pretty common in that area and it qiute accessible for just about anyone wanting to venture out north of Payson. Waterwheel is one of the most popular swimming […]