Tag: Red Hill

  • Examples of Red Hill Agate

    Here are some rough and finished examples of what i call Red Hill agate. I found it in March of 2011 and went back and pulled out about 300 pounds in May of 2011. I will plan to explore it a little more this weekend and hope to bring back a good piece limb i […]

  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 35x26x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale Here is a super example for ya if you love reds. This is a fossil agate i found and personal collected the rough last May. I barely scratched the surface and i have a bit more to cut before i go back. The color is for real, this piece is a […]

  • ~SOLD~RedHill Fossil Agate Cabochon 36x21x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale This cabochon i cut from material i personally collected and found last year here in Arizona. It is a branch coral, unknown species thus far. Most piece i collected were as thick as an Adult for-arm and ahve a rich red paint agate color. Which is typical as well is they […]