Tag: rockhounding

  • Water wheel ukanite

    This is an example of ukanite you can find at waterwheel. I picked this piece up off the trail from the parking lot up to the falls. Pretty common in that area and it qiute accessible for just about anyone wanting to venture out north of Payson. Waterwheel is one of the most popular swimming […]

  • Yellow concretion

    One of the spots I like hunting is near an old burnout area that has produced really nice golden horn coral. Found some fine paint in the area too, as well as any types of fossils. The last I was there I came across these massive yellow nodules. Allot have a neat red spider webbing […]

  • Couple rock findings

    Couple rock finds while being sick.  Some paint rock, something like a concretion, a fine black basalt, and a criniod grouping. Took the grips out this morning to a burnout area and found more yellow chert. Then went and soaked my feet in the river.

  • Drusy hunt…. this sunday

    Will be hounding here in the Goldfields on Sunday for some druzy. These are what they look like. Wanna come along?  Contact me and I will give you the time and place.

  • Examples of Red Hill Agate

    Here are some rough and finished examples of what i call Red Hill agate. I found it in March of 2011 and went back and pulled out about 300 pounds in May of 2011. I will plan to explore it a little more this weekend and hope to bring back a good piece limb i […]