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  • Great time in Tucson

    Great time in Tucson

    On February 1st, Debbie and I went to see the Tucson Gem show opening weekend. We were just staying over one night and our goal was to find new wedding rings that are matching and do not need to be sized. We had a great time even though the whole state of Arizona was going […]

  • Malawi Blue

    Ive had this piece since 2001, and though the color is a little extreme(because i started using instagram). Its shows off how nice this piece is, glow and all. I am saving it for a carving session and have more but its one of the best. Enjoy~ From Freeformcabs by Shain Mayer

  • Leathers Ranch plume….

    Finished slabbing this one yesterday. This is the heel, bout 2inches thick still! Got 5 slabs off it but the last two large ones had a feature right through the center, separating the red from the purple zone.  What a nice piece though, enjoy~

  • Basonite

    Is not all that exciting but I have a bit a need to slab some.  I was very pleasnatly surprised on this piece, no pitting! Its almost like a black jade.  I got so many plumes I wanna back with this stuff. Keep a look out.

  • Dino poop?

    Yesterday I wasn’t able to cut as I went and helped a friend move a bunch of stuff for new carpet. Today back on track with the rocks. This piece I think might be a coprolite from the looks of the rough. Gonna cut some nice slabs. Will post the cut when its ready to […]

  • Pure chrysocholla with plumes!

    Bet you never seen this stuff before? Its was one of the frist pieces of chrysocolla silicate I ever purchased. Highly unstable and rather large so I haven’t tried to stabilize it yet. And though its very hard to see in the photos, there are fine, almost dendrite fine plumes in this piece! The plumes […]

  • Slabs to preform….

    Today’s trimming group of nice cuts.  Starting from the top; batcave jasper-2 pieces,  super nice piece of leaders ranch plume the collectors ate gonna kill me for cutting.  Nice willow creek with black moss, and last a Carey plume. Now lets wait to see what they get trimmed to.

  • Batcave jasper

    Very rare stuff, always thin vein super fine jasper. Only this one super preform from the slab but man its gonna be nice when finished. Enjoy ~

  • Gem red carnelian rough

    I’ve found a few of these in my collection and wonder were they may be from. I’ve heard of a real nice Gen carnelian from Washington state. These may be that material? Its is extremely nice red gel I’m saving for carving.

  • Start wearing purple….

    My favorite piece of old Turkish purple agate was put on the saw yesterday. Now I’m gonna have to cab some. Who likes purple?!