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  • Dino poop?

    Yesterday I wasn’t able to cut as I went and helped a friend move a bunch of stuff for new carpet. Today back on track with the rocks. This piece I think might be a coprolite from the looks of the rough. Gonna cut some nice slabs. Will post the cut when its ready to […]

  • Who’s likes Robinson Ranch plume agate, I do!

    A nice colorful piece but really not much plume at all. And I cut it against the plume later because there is a thick bit of black under the reds. Still on the saw thus morning. What to slab next.

  • Cutting some horse canyon

    A nice smaller nodule of moss agate from horse canyon. Its pieces like this I wish I had a 10 inch saw for.

  • The Saw, and todays rough

    From Lapidary rough on the saw The slab saw is kept outside, covered in a dog kennel next to the chicken coup over at my folks house next door. This is what it looks like. Its an old Rouge saw with a 1976 tag on it. Screwfeed with a 20inch blade. It cuts great and […]

  • Do you want some rough?

    Updated~ No more rough for sale. I have sold it all off to a single buyer. What i have left is for my personal stocks only. sorry~ SO I’m wondering if anyone out there wants some rough lapidary material to work with? Now i am not looking to offer rough materials online really of any […]

  • unknown Sulphur Lapidary rough

    This is the frist cut from a piece of rough i keep finding in my overstocks. I do believe it is sulfur included in silica and some sulfide metal. You can smell it! But man, this photo was taken at dusk and the yellow color is insane. The hardness reminds me of serpentine but you’ll […]