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  • Dino poop?

    Yesterday I wasn’t able to cut as I went and helped a friend move a bunch of stuff for new carpet. Today back on track with the rocks. This piece I think might be a coprolite from the looks of the rough. Gonna cut some nice slabs. Will post the cut when its ready to […]

  • Start wearing purple….

    My favorite piece of old Turkish purple agate was put on the saw yesterday. Now I’m gonna have to cab some. Who likes purple?!

  • Trying a little carving…

    Cut from a piece of tube agate ice been in spired lately to try out in some simple carving. Very rough but its fun and I still have a bit to go on shaping before I move into sanding.

  • Who’s likes Robinson Ranch plume agate, I do!

    A nice colorful piece but really not much plume at all. And I cut it against the plume later because there is a thick bit of black under the reds. Still on the saw thus morning. What to slab next.

  • My bench….

    For quite a while I’ve had no bench grinder as they were both being rebuilt. I got one back several months ago but the other was delayed until now! There are still a couple steps to go until i feel i can run complete 100%, but i can now fully finish polish cabochons and cut […]