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  • ~SOLD~Coconut Agate Freeform Cabochon 59x47x9mm

    From Cabochons for sale From Cabochons for sale This cabochon comes from a classic Mexican Coconut geode that displays a lovely moss around the edge or rind of the gem. It has a quartz heart and some nice color intermixed. The side with less white is the top of the cabochon. Thanks for looking.

  • ~SOLD~ Eagle Rock Tube Agate Cabochon 40x34x6mm

    ~SOLD~ Eagle Rock Tube Agate Cabochon 40x34x6mm

    From Cabochons for sale Rare Eagle Rock from Oregon this material is often a heavy moss with plumes but this piece had tubes with some moss. The color is really nice and translucent, and will look excellent backed with a black setting.