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  • Site progression

    I believe i have made more headway with this website today! Please give it a go by using the top-bar navigation and visit my sub-domains.  you will notice on the main site domain shainmayer.com there are link icons at the very top of the page in the gray bar. These icons link to this blog […]

  • The time for change is in the air….

    With the fall season in full effect at my studio in Payson. I felt it was time for a change in the website too! I have updated the look and if you haven’t been to the site in several months, you will notice a new catalog system in place! This system is geared more to […]

  • What ive been up to……

    The last few months have been super busy at the bakery for me. Typical kinda of stuff, not many people want to work and the summer here in Payson is the busy season. So ive been working my butt off because i am a hard worker and really enjoy baking as a fulltime profession. I […]

  • An update and a few new items for sale…..

    So, if you haven’t noticed, ive been pretty quite on posting to my blog in the past 4 weeks. Well no surprise really instead of internet issues i have suffered the loss of my computer that just wont stay on for the life of me for longer than 2 minutes. I did get a temp […]

  • Weekly update and picasa

    Hey Folks, Thanks for bearing with me and the internet. All cabochons for this week are now updated into the catalog for you to view. Last week was realy busy and i fell behind the start if this week because of internet and computer problems. All solved for the time being though but i wanted […]

  • Ontrack, but ….

    I’ve had internet problems all weekend and it may be localized to my computer. The catalog us still in track, so is shipping for current orders.  I have always had problems with all internet providers in my area. Even satellite ISP get knocked because our broadband is over loaded with wireless routers. And I’m close […]

  • Catalog update

    Catalog update

    So, i only have a few old back logged cabochons to finish listing to this catalog. This will put the current selection roughly at 230 cabochons with many main types being offered and worked daily. My goal is to continue updating the catalog as i finish groups of cabs. For example, i still have 50 […]

  • updates and the likes of progress

    updates and the likes of progress

    So last night, between the hours of 7pm and 10pm my website was hit with a huge spam bot. IT slowed the site down for that time because it was constantly commenting on all the pages. See, i allow comments to be open to the public so on any page you can contact me, or […]

  • How TO keep in touch…..

    How TO keep in touch…..

    There are several ways to follow this website now. I really do like how far the internet has come since the last time i really tried to develop a website. oldest  example and easiest way to stay in contact with this site and what i am doing is to use the SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG […]

  • Random image update

    So i found this widget that sets random images on the site which link directly to the post they come from. Though these images are random it is an easy way to see the gems and you can click though to read more info in the post or see more photos. Currently the catalog is […]