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  • W.A.S. plays old country

    W.A.S. plays old country

    In 2018 Brian, Josh, and I released a EP online we recorded remotely between homes and a couple in person session. We choose 4 songs each to create an full album+. But due to some life changes we completed my 4 choices and 2 of Josh’s choices. The Old Country by We are searchers

  • What ive been up to……

    The last few months have been super busy at the bakery for me. Typical kinda of stuff, not many people want to work and the summer here in Payson is the busy season. So ive been working my butt off because i am a hard worker and really enjoy baking as a fulltime profession. I […]

  • What a great show

    At the Yucca Tap Room last night for the long running Valley Fever show hosted by DJ Dana and DJ Johnny volume. Big Jim Bachmann was a real treat to hear live again as i havent in well over 2 years and to see good old friend Marc Oxborow [the haymarket squares]slapping the bass topped […]

  • W.A.S. The Flatiron Sessions

    W.A.S. The Flatiron Sessions

    if you like country music, please take a moment and listen to these tracks. My band has been hard at work both with me and without me. We have shows book over the next 6 weeks. Please share with your friends and gives a little support if you like what you hear. Thanks The Flatiron […]