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  • New website & blog in some time.

    New website & blog in some time.

    The personal website is back up and what do you think? Im posting this through my phone right now so please don’t mind all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Im excited though! Arn’t you? So this year has been busy but not really. Debbie and I have settled into living in our cabin in Payson […]

  • Site progression

    I believe i have made more headway with this website today! Please give it a go by using the top-bar navigation and visit my sub-domains.  you will notice on the main site domain shainmayer.com there are link icons at the very top of the page in the gray bar. These icons link to this blog […]

  • The time for change is in the air….

    With the fall season in full effect at my studio in Payson. I felt it was time for a change in the website too! I have updated the look and if you haven’t been to the site in several months, you will notice a new catalog system in place! This system is geared more to […]