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  • Fire on the Mountain~

    The night before last we had a fire light up the side of the mountain, right across from where i am renting. About 230am, Debbie woke me up and we both watched in rather disbelief of how close this fire was. The next morning we walk by were it started and where even more surprised […]

  • Whispering Pines liven

    Here is a slide show of photos ive been taking around my new home just north of Payson, AZ. I grew up partially here and have roots from Grandparents whom spent the better parts of the last of their days here. Its were i find Arizona Diamonds and Fossils as far as the eye can […]

  • Back in whispering pines

    For the weekend into next week. Might look for another job just to stay busy. But today is baking day to test a recipe. Keep watching to find out what it will be, in the meantime here are some pics from a walk the other day. Enjoy~