Using the “Category” format

The category format on this site is set up mainly for cabochons that are currently “for sale” and “sold” There is a “blog” listing in the category’s for my general content too. But if you visit the cabochons “for sale” page listed from the header. It is a compiled format based on this category system.

However there are no thumbnails images in this complied formatted “for sale” page that is accessed through the website header. Its generalized links to each cabochon that is for sale.

To view thumbnails of the compiled category’s without having to click on each link from the “for sale” page, please use the category drop down box located in the upper left hand side of any page. I use trade names to categorize each group of cabochons listed on this site. Some are general like “Moss/tube agate”, others are specific like “Blue Mountain Jasper” or “Laguna Agate”

But by clicking on the category for said group, you be taken to that category page which shows each cabochon and its photo without having to go back and forth, per cabochon page. It will only list 25 cabochons on this category page, but at the bottom you will see a “Previous Entries” and /or “Next Entries” to link you back and forth on the category page if the amount of entries exceed 25. An example would be clicking on the “agate” category group in which almost half of the cabochons for sale on this site are listed under. Clicking on the “laguna agate” group makes it more specific and reduces the number of entries you will see. Hope this make sense as its a question i get from time to time and have yet to fully answer it.

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