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Web Hosting

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So this is generally how it works. I can host your site or you can host your own site and add me as a Collaborator. It really depends on what type of service or need you have for your website. Do you want me to host, work on, update, or refresh your old website (or all of the above)? I included some simple questions in the form below so I can know a little more about your needs. Here are some possible ways we could work together:

  • If you want to host your own site please click on the banner above so the hosting company I highly recommend knows you came from my site.
  • If you plan to host your own site and want me to work on it as a Collaborator, you must choose either the “GrowBig” or “GoGeek” hosting plan. I can work on your site either way, but as a collaborator I get an individual login to your account and do not need your personal account information to help with your site.
  • If you would rather have me host your site on my server you must contact me first. Please fill out the form below so I can work up a quote for you. Include as much information as possible in order for me to give you an accurate quote. 
  • If you want to save a little more on Hosting, you can hire me to maintain your site for updates and in case of hacks or crashes. Hosting would be cheaper in the long run if you host with me versus you hosting on your own. Please contact me for a quote to see if this would work best for you.