Weekly update and picasa

Hey Folks, Thanks for bearing with me and the internet. All cabochons for this week are now updated into the catalog for you to view. Last week was realy busy and i fell behind the start if this week because of internet and computer problems. All solved for the time being though but i wanted to share in a little more insight for those watching and wanting to purchase any of my cabochons.

I have a gallery in picasa for my cabochons for sale, you can see the gallery here; {make sure you bookmark it}

Cabochons for sale

As, during the week i may be uploading next weeks cabs into this gallery as i take the photo and crop them for the internet. This gallery is also up to date weekly with current active items for sale. I move any sold cabochon to its proper sold gallery. That way if you see a cabochon, material, or shape you like. Please let me know. You do not need an account to view these photos but it does take you off this site. If you see a cab you want, you will have to send me the link of that photo so i know what cab you’re talking about. You could also name off the photo’s listed number in order the gallery will note at the top left above the photo. Currently as i post this, there are 374 photos in that gallery. As some cabs many have several photos. however the number is pretty easy to track down.

Lastly, please note i have had two complaints about using the contact form on this word press blog. And it seems my RSS is acting a little hairwire. Email is always best to contact me directly with you questions so make sure you have it in your favorite email contact lists.
[email protected]


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