Welcome to the new site!

So to my main blog and hub for my work and going on’s in my life. This is a general welcome post and i would like to thank you for taking the time to read.

My plan with this website is to consolidate my other websites and provide a platform or stepping stone for those sites and the S.E.O. connected with them. I would like to also offer a website creation service under this platform for friends, family, and anyone looking for a wordpress based site for blogging, ecommerce, or portfolio driven content.  Over the years i have put together around a dozen websites using several different types of platforms, but have settled on wordpress. It is the most stable and plugin in driven platform and is really worth the effort to learn. If you are looking for a website biult i will provide more info to come. But please feel contact me with you questions.

I will also spend time proiding you with examples of my art projects, my lapidary work, and bread making recipes. Though i used to be in a band, i am no longer in it and have spent time writing music and playing my old 1919 tenor banjo. But you just moght to hear some of my music on this blog. I would like to get back into recording my original music.

So stay tuned in to this blog and thank you again for taken the time to read this. ~Shain

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