What a great show

At the Yucca Tap Room last night for the long running Valley Fever show hosted by DJ Dana and DJ Johnny volume.

Big Jim Bachmann was a real treat to hear live again as i havent in well over 2 years and to see good old friend Marc Oxborow [the haymarket squares]slapping the bass topped it off.

THe sounds that fill Yucca Tap on a Sunday night at valley fever bring folks back into what country music used to sound like and most people who hear it always have the same reaction and end up enjoying it more then they think they would. Its brings them back to a simple time and place were sitting on the porch with some tea or cold beer is calmed by the blowing winds and sweet night air filling their soul.

We are searchers had a great time as their fist time back on stage in over 3 years. Josh and Brian were good and nervous but both did an outstanding job pushing through it all and enjoying themselves more than was expected. chris on the drums really nailed it down tight an Zule on bass did a fantastic pro job and keep the pace up and volume in check. For me, it was more then worth the 2 hour drive down right before the show the 2hour drive back right after(then into work). I couldnt ask for a better audience or host and i am very pleased with the sound that we have going on for everyone to hear. Hopefully soon we post some pics and video of the show. But dont miss the next one in Apache Jct on the 25th. Here is the lowdown for those wanting to come on out. The Handlebar pub and grill And remember you can hear the searcher sound on soundcloud

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